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You can order a print of any cartoon of mine you like. Just browse the folders until you find the one you want, then place an order. Prints cost £75 GBP for an A4 , £85 GBP enlarged onto A3 and £100 GBP enlarged onto Super A3 (329mm X 483mm). A week's 'If' strips on one A3 sheet will cost £100 GBP. You can either pay directly using PayPal or you can send a cheque made out to me at the address below. A direct transfer can be arranged if you prefer. All prices include VAT & p+p.
Also please let me know how you would like it inscribed. All prints are signed, stamped and dated.
Best wishes
Steve Bell, PO Box 5298, Brighton BN50 8AR;


Three kinds of cartoons make up this archive. The Leaders are the larger cartoons drawn regularly for the editorial or leader pages of The Guardian from the end of 1990 to the present. The 'If...'s are the strip cartoons that have appeared more or less daily in The Guardian since November 1981. Other cartoons are simply cartoons that have been drawn for other publications, though there are some drawn for the Guardian that don't fall into the first two categories.


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